The Unnecessary

What are you doing here? Most site engines skip this domain because there’s no content on it anymore. You might have come by because you are an old member of the Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency, an unofficial fan club that was active for many years. Hi! We had a great thing going for a while there, didn’t we? But we eventually moved on to other hobbies.

So why is this page still here?

It’s here because I’m afraid that if I let this domain name expire that some weirdo will snatch up the domain name and sell mail order brides who then turn around and try to sell you car warranties on your wedding night. The every idea east at me. So every year I shell out and renew the darn thing. Yes, I tried to contact Jon and hand off the domain. No replies.

So here I am, protecting someone who doesn’t want or need to be protected. Perhaps I am protecting my heart. I made good friends here and have many fond memories of late night chats, both stupid and wise. There was a time when this was one of the biggest centers of my social world. You’d be hard pressed to find a bunch of smarter, funnier, sharper, hotter fans than Jon Stewart fans. That’s still true. I guess I’m not ready to let go quite yet.

Unnecessary, Unneeded Protector

P.S. If you want to reconnect or if you think the protecting is worthwhile and have already donated to food banks and key political elections that need it more, I’m at Annie at this domain. In the spirit of the old JSIA site, I’ll list all donations here in detail. I’ve had the domain since about 2002 but back then the site was more active and members donated to web hosting fees. I never broken even but it helped. Fun fact: After Jon got CNN’s Crossfire canceled, an anonymous person donated $100!

2007-13 $9.95/year
2014-16 $11.95/year
2017 $13.95
2018 $14.95
2019-20 $15.99
2021 $16.99 (I don’t know why it keeps going up either)


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