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September 2, 2002




Why Our Club is Going to Jon's Head, by Annie
Site Updates


Why Our Club is Going to Jon's Head
by Annie

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I sent out a newsletter, so I thought I'd take this lovely Labor Day to labor a little for you. Read on for all the site updates and for a few added Jon news items. Let me know if you find any broken links. Thanks.

So I'm checking out the JSIA guestbook yesterday, and I find that someone has left this rather shocking entry (warning: profanity):

Name: The Voice of Reason
E-mail address: benkarlin@i'
Comments: May you all take a shit on Jon Liebowitz's bald spot.

And I think ... huh. Well, *that* is certainly rude. So I complained about it on the board. And this is what happened next.

Name: Annie
Homepage URL:
Comments: It's spelled LEIBOWITZ.

Name: Voice of Reason's Ex-Wife
E-mail address: benkarlin2@i'
Comments: Honey, you have to realize, just because you get off on taking shits on people's bald spots, not too many others share that passion.
;) Kel

Name: Voice of Reason's son
E-mail address: benkarlin,jr@i'
Homepage URL:
Comments: daddy? when r yoo cuming home? mommy says the hores gave you sifilis. whats sifilis? how come you dont pay for my docter? mommy says i need blud real bad. i cry all the time.
:p Annie

Name: One of the many voices in Voice of Reason's Head
E-mail address: benkarlinonastick@i'
Comments: A word to The Voice of Reason. Oh, you poor, stupid man. You may not have realized it, but you have just made a whole lot of enemies, my friend. This is definitely not an agency that you want to piss off. Just my two cents, Andrea.

So, what have we learned from this? One, for whatever it's worth, this person seems to like Ben Karlin, the TDS head writer. Two, never EVER piss off Andrea.

Annie, President


Site Updates & Teasers

- Sara J. had joined Kelly and Melly to create a three-person panel in charge of JSEB submissions.

- Added Fun Fic, Dreaming Jon Stewart Dreams, by Laura Jane to the JSEB. Laura Jane accepts a senate position as Curator of Jon's Boyish Charm.
"I mention how unusual this occasion is, and he laughs softly. How delightful to hear the laugh of someone so attuned to humor. Still smiling, he looks out the large windows towards the ocean. Wondering what he is so drawn to, I look through the darkness. He tells me that one time he came here with her...."

- Added a Jon sketch by Vada and a snowboard "picture" of Jon by Shayna to the art section.

- Added encounters from Melissa, Shelly, and Julie.

- Added Non-Jon Encounters (JSIA members meeting non-Jon celebrities) with a Frank DeCaro encounter by Julie.

- Added the Essays section to the Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency.

- Added the Essays section to the Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade.

- Added regular poems to the Poetry section.

- Added regular poems to the Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade.

- Added Annie's Craptacular Collection to the Poetry section.

- Added Round 3 of Jewey Jewman and Friends to Fun Fiction section.



() A picture of Jon and a brief article about him are in the 45th anniversary issue of GQ. Thanks to Rebecca Becca.

(?) Sept 3, Tues, NBC, 7 pm -- Diet Coke with Lemon Celebrates 40 Years of Laughter: At The Improv. From the NBC site: Jay Leno hosts this hilarious party held at the legendary Hollywood Improv on the Sunset Strip. With appearances by Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Arsenio Hall and D.L.. Hughley. Plus, historic clips of Richard Pryor, Andy Kaufman, Freddie Prinze and many more!
Note: Jon is participating in the Improv celebrations including his two live shows in October, so he might appear, but that is NOT confirmed.

() Sept 4 -- Conan will replace Jon's 6 pm airings. TDS will air at 4:30 instead. Thanks to Regina and Chaney.

(?) Sept 4, every Wednesday at 9:30 and 11 pm and every Saturday at 12 am and 9:30 pm, Comedy Central -- Contest Searchlight. Jon had a brief voice appearance on the premiere episode and was mentioned on the second episode, so it appears he may be a running theme. No confirmation on whether he will appear again, but you never know.

(?) Sept 8, Sun, 7 pm, Comedy Central -- Contest Searchlight premiere episode. Jon makes a brief phone cameo. This is the first of four episodes that will run in a marathon this night.

() Sept 24, Tues, Syndicated -- The Nanny: Kissing Cousins. Jon Stewart in Appalachia. Heh. Check local listings for exact times and dates. Syndicated shows generally follow the same air dates nationwide, but not always. Thans to Randa.

() Oct 5, Sat, 8 pm -- Toronto, Canada. Jon will be headlining the 5th Anniversary of the Comedy Network (Canada's comedy channel). Thanks to Lauren. Purchase tickets here:

() Oct 11?, Fri, U of Rochester -- Jon is scheduled to speak at Meliora Weekend, the U of Rochester homecoming/reunion something or other. I have no idea how to get in, whether you need tickets, or if you need proof of alumni status. The site says, "Unless noted, all events are free and open to the whole University community," but I don't know how rigid they'll be on proof. If anyone has any more info, I'd appreciate it. Thanks to Joanna.

() Oct 18, Fri, Taft Theater, Cincinnati, Ohio -- Improv 40th Anniversary. For tickets, call (513) 562-4949. Click for tickets and more info. Tickets on sale now.

() Oct 19, Sat, Beacon Theater, New York City -- Improv 40th Anniversary. For tickets, call (212) 496-7070. Click for tickets and more info. Tickets go on sale Sept 19. Thanks to Melly.

() Oct 28 - 31. TDS will be taping in Washington, D.C. Call 1-888-642-5669 for tickets. Thanks to Anita and Anna. Thanks to Chaney for catching the special phone number.


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