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March 23, 2002





I am pleased to announce that I (Annie) will be merging the JSEB Newsletter and the SSS lists.

Specifically, the SSS list will be eliminated. All SSS members will be automatically subscribed to the JSEB list. There are many benefits to this. First, if you were only on the JSEB list, you will now get news more regularly, including late breaking announcements (which are much more common that you might imagine). Second, the JSEB newsletter will be shorter since the news portion will be cut. Third, if you are on both lists, you will now eliminate unnecessary duplication.

I understand that there will be some resistance to this whole idea. If there is anyone who wishes to unsubscribe, full instructions on how to do so are at the end of this e-mail. The following is a list of anticipated questions:

Q: I'm on the SSS list. If I'm forced to join the JSEB Newsletter, doesn't that make me a member of the Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade?

A: Yes. But you are as anonymous as you wish to be on this group, and it's not like we keep an official roll. We tried that once, and it didn't work. You can hide as much info as you'd like, even from me. Your e-mail is viewable only by myself and a few members of the executive branch who are moderators.

Q: But I'm a guy and/or I'm not attracted to Jon Stewart like that!

A: There are changes in the works that will remove the estrogen title from this fan club. The JSEB will still exist as a subclub within the new club. The new club is tentatively set to open May 1.


A: There are changes in the works that will remove the estrogen title from this fan club. The JSEB will still exist as a sub-club within the new club. The new club is tentatively set to open May 1.


A: Okay, here's the thing. A lot of guys and gals would like to hang out in a JS group but don't want to be "estrogeny" and a lot of gals would like to talk a lot more in detail about Jon in ways that we haven't traditionally allowed. This new club will give you the best of both worlds. It will be a unisex fan club and there will be a special "ladies only" JSEB section for you gals who are hot for Jon.

Q: I'm on the JSEB or SSS list. Won't I get a whole lot more e-mails?

A: If you're on the SSS list, no, you'll just get an extra newsletter every two weeks to a month. If you're on the JSEB list and have chosen the e-mail option (the default), you will get more, definitely. But the extra e-mails are shorter, to the point, and always contain important Jon information. Now you won't miss those last-minute additions. For example, if you were on the JSEB Newsletter and not on the SSS list or the Arena, you likely missed Jon on Larry King yesterday (or today, if you're still up). Now, if you happen to hate my writing and can't stand the thought of having to read it more frequently, then you can unsubscribe. (See end of e-mail.)

Q: What do you mean, the e-mail option?

A: It is a little known fact that you do not have to receive this newsletter or any newsletter directly in your inbox. We would prefer that you not do so, but you capable of choosing to read the newsletter at your leisure, online only. You do have to be registered with Yahoo to do so, I think. The link to pick delivery options is at:

Q: Tell us about this new fan club.

A: Most of the details about the club are still secret because they are being revamped as we speak. We don't want to promise anything we can't deliver, but we can promise that there will a new look, new sections, and more interactivity. If there's anything you'd like to see more of, shoot an e-mail to

Q: Are you doing away with the JSEB?

A: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! It will be a little more girly, a little more risqué, but definitely alive. There will be fan fiction and possibly a message board. Any ideas would be welcome.

Q: Are you doing away with the SSS?

Yes. I will continue to maintain the title as intellectual property, but the site will be merged into the new one. An archive of the SSS will be maintained on the new site. Some of the features, such as the sounds, news, and ambles, will be worked into the new site.

Q: What about the Arena?

A: The Arena will stay as it is for now. For those of you who are not on the Arena and would like to join what has become a very active discussion list, shoot a blank e-mail to

Q: When will the list transfer take place?

A: Tonight, Saturday, March 23. All SSS members will be unsubscribed from the SSS group and subscribed to the JSEB group. Only fifty people can be handled per day, and there are currently about 200 people on the SSS list, so this will take several days. You can leave at any time by unsubscribing from the JSEB group. If you read this in time, you can prevent the whole issue by unsubscribing from the SSS group ASAP.

Q: I have questions that you're not answering, damn it.

A: That's not in the form of a question. Shoot me an e-mail at and I'll try to answer.

Q: You disgust me and I hate you with all my soul. How do I unsubscribe, thereby plunging you into deep and unending misery?

A: Alas, you can unsubscribe from each list by sending a blank e-mail to the following addresses (depending on which lists you're on). Make sure you send the e-mail FROM THE ACCOUNT YOU'RE SUBSCRIBED WITH or else Yahoo will think you're trying to unsubscribe someone else:

JSEB Newsletter:
JSEB Arena:
SSS list:

Take care,

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