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February 19, 2001




Celebrate!, by Annie-Wan
Lanai's First Time, by Lanai
Sarah's First Time, by Sarah
Jon Events (plus Grammy listings)


by Annie-Wan

Whip out your salsa bowls and break out the chips! For the first time in the history of music award shows, you're GONNA WANNA PAR-TAY! WHOOOOOOP! WHOOOOOOP! WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!

Sorry. I'm very excited. Not since the Letterman hosted the Academy Awards have I felt so much anticipation about a windfall of free entertainment from one of my favorite stars. In case you haven't heard, Jon is hosting the Grammy awards this Wednesday and you are going to want to be there for every glorious moment. Every glorious moment with Jon, that is. I have a deep suspicion that the Eminem/Elton John duet won't be particularly glorious, but maybe that's just me.

I have listed some of the pre and post Grammy coverage shows in the events section just in case Jon is in them, so fire up your VCRs and get ready to overdose. A little too much Jon never hurt anyone. In other words, there is no such thing as too much Jon. WHOOOOOOP!

Annie-Wan, President


Lanai's First Time

Okay, you wanna know how I fell in love with Jon? Sigh . . . I have my friend Seth to thank for that. When I came home from school this summer, he suggested that I watch something called "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." He thought it was a show I'd enjoy. He had no idea . . . . I don't recall the first episode I saw, but they're all beautiful because Jon's in them! I was instantly struck by how hot he is and how he made me laugh; I was smitten. His delivery is amazing; the way he handles interviews (the Spice Girls come to mind) is incredible. I watched the show every night after that first night, and I looked forward to seeing all his different facial expressions, the interviews, and so on. Basically, I just loved seeing him.

I began to search the Internet for info, Jon groups, etc. Then I came here! Through Annie, the JSEB, the SSS, and other Jon sites, I have found out so much wonderful information. He's a real talent. It almost broke my heart when I found out that that he was married, but then I thought, "Well, it's a good thing for him." (Why doesn't he have kids yet?!) I recently bought his "Naked Pictures of Famous People" which was hilarious! I loved it and I wish he'd write another book. I also wish I could meet him and attend a Daily Show taping, but I'm all the way in California and I won't be eighteen for a year. Damn that age rule! Actually, my 17th birthday was on Sunday, January 14th, and it would be a total dream to meet him. I still can't believe I didn't immediately recognize him when I saw Big Daddy, but then again, I wasn't yet hip to his coolness.

Since I'm finishing my senior year of high school away from home, I don't see TDS and Jon very often. But I subscribe to the TDS Newsletter and visit quite a bit. When I go home on visits, I make sure to watch him. So, in a nutshell, this is what I love about Jon: everything. It's even better now that he's gone two months without smoking! I'm glad you all feel the way I do. Thanks for everything, and take care.

Lanai, Senator of Undying Jon-Love


Sarah's First Time

The first time I saw Jon was in 1994 on The Jon Stewart show. I just loved the show and watched it all the time. But at that point it was just the show and not so much him. Fast forward about five years later and I see him again on The Daily Show. I remember watching him mess up a line and make a joke of it. It was, for lack of a better word, sweet. He has this openness that just brings you in. You know that when you are watching him you are watching *him*. He shows that he is human and that makes him lovable. I saw him do stand-up in a casino about two months ago and he just lit up the place with his personality and humor. It was infectious. I was nearly hooked at that point.

What finally hooked me completely was my attendance at a Daily Show taping a few weeks ago. He was just such an honest person. He was asked by an audience member why he walked out onto the set in the funny way that he did and he had an honest answer. He said he felt awkward in front of all of us, just as we did in the presence of him. That made him just like us, not some big star we know nothing about. He is a funny, sweet guy who deserves all that he has.

Sarah, Senator of Self-Deprecation


Jon Events

All times Eastern. Not liable for emotional distress resulting from incorrect listings.
Grammy listings first. Regular listings follow.

Feb 21, Wed, 8 pm, CBS -- Grammy Awards. Jon will host. That's right, Jon will host.

Grammy related coverage which *may* include Jon

Feb 21, Wed, 1:30 am & 12 pm, VH1 -- Grammy Preview.

Feb 21, Wed, 7 pm, &
Feb 22, Thurs, 12 am, 7 am, & 2:30 pm, &
Feb 24, Sat, 7 am, MTV -- Backstage at the Grammys. 1 hour.

Feb 21, Wed, 5 pm, &
Feb 22, Thurs, 12 am & 10 am, VH1 -- Live at the Grammys. 3 hours.

Feb 22, Thurs, 7 am & 10 am, NBC -- Today Show: The Grammys.

Feb 22, Thurs, Syndicated -- Entertainment Tonight.

Feb 23, Fri, 8 pm, &
Feb 24, Sat, 1 am & 3 pm, &
Feb 25, Sun, 9:30 am, &
Feb 26, Mon, 8 am, MTV -- News at Grammys. 30 min.

Mar 3, Sat, 3 pm, &
Mar 4, Sun, 11 am & 8 pm, E! -- Grammy Awards Fashion Review.

Feb 25, Sun, 10 am, &
Feb 26, Mon, 7:30 pm, MTV -- MTV 20 Most Outrageous Moments. Jon appears at least three times in Moment 9, 3, & 1 (possibly more). 2 hours.

Feb 28, Wed, 12 am, MTV -- 25 Lame. Two hours.

Mar 1, Thurs, 12 am, MTV -- MTV F-UPs. Jon is interspersed throughout.

• Mon to Thurs, 10 am, 7 pm, 11 pm, 1:30 am (same night) &
• Fri at 10 am & 7 pm, Comedy Central -- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Movies currently airing on television (check local listings for times):
• Big Daddy -- Cinemax and HBO channels.
  (Making of Big Daddy is also airing on HBO channels.)
• The Faculty -- Showtime channels and The Movie Channels.
• Mixed Nuts -- FLIX channels.
• Playing By Heart -- STARZ, ENCORE, & LOVE channels.
• Wishful Thinking -- The Movie Channel, Showtime channels.

All news contributed by Annie of the SSS unless otherwise noted.
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