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December 21, 2000



Be Happy, The JSEB
Jon Events


Be Happy

We're all tired and anemic from fasting in preparation for egg nog, so enjoy this brief and early newsletter. There are some great Jon TV appearances coming up, so fire up the VCRs.

In the meantime, have a happy Hanukkah and a merry Christmas. Enjoy the new year. Bask in the sunshine. Lick lollipops. Dance under rainbows everywhere.



Jon Events

All times Eastern. Not liable for emotional distress resulting from incorrect listings.

Dec 22, Fri, 2 am, MTV -- MTV F-Ups. Jon is interspersed throughout.

Dec 22, Fri, 8-10 pm, MTV -- 25 Lame: Millennium Countdown. Final airings of the worst music videos. With Jon Stewart, Denis Leary, & Janeane Garafolo. Thanks to Dani.

Dec 24, Sun, 9 pm, &
Dec 26, Tues, 8 pm, ABC -- Millionaire: The celebrity shows with Jon will be rerun on these two dates. Thanks to Lori.

Dec 25, Mon, 9:30 am, &
Dec 28, Thurs, 10 pm,
Dec 30, Sat, 8:30 am, MTV -- TRL Uncensored: There is a clip of Jon calling into the show as a gag.

Dec 28, Thurs, 11 am (times may vary) -- The View: Jon and Bryant Gumbel. Rerun from May 2000.

Dec 28, Thurs, 11:30 pm, MTV -- MTV Uncensored: Jon is interspersed throughout.

Dec 29, Fri, Syndicated (check local listings) -- Live with Regis. Survivor Richard Hatch co-hosts. Rerun from September 22.

Dec. 30, Sat, 4:20 pm, &
Dec. 31, Sun, 12:50 am, C-SPAN -- White House Correspondents Association Dinner: President Clinton and comic Jon Stewart speak. 40 minutes. Thanks to Dani.

• A transcript of Jon's recent appearance on Larry King Live is available at:
Thanks to Dani.

• Cast a vote for The Daily Show Indecision 2000 web site at:
as the best news satire site on the web. Thanks to Hayley.

• Mon to Thurs, 8:30 am, 12 pm, 7 pm, 11 pm, 1:30 am (same night) &
• Fri at 8:30 am, 12 pm, & 7 pm, Comedy Central -- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Movies currently airing on television (check local listings for times):
• Big Daddy -- Cinemax and HBO channels.
  (Making of Big Daddy is also airing on HBO channels.)
• The Faculty -- Showtime channels and The Movie Channels.
• Playing By Heart -- STARZ and ENCORE channels.
• Wishful Thinking -- The Movie Channel, Showtime channels.

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