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N E W S L E T T E R  --  09 / 1 1 / 9 9

The Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade Newsletter

Volume 4: Issue 1

Membership: 153


Dearest members,

     What a week it has been!

     I'm sorry that school has kept me from getting online to respond to your emails and to be making a fabulous Newsletter, and also the fact that the Newsletter is late .... sorry, sorry, I've already held my hand over fire, beaten myself, and have faced the humiliation that is not sending out the Newsletter on time in the first place. My apologies. The first few weeks are always the hardest for back to school, anyway.

     Another delima concerning the amount of homework + the lack of time after school + having three damn quizzes at the end of the first week = no time for Daily Show or much time for the JSEB. The Daily Show has been on vacation for two weeks, so that gives a little time for me not to have to be glued to the TV at 7PM every night, and I'm sure many others feel that way.

     I have more to say about that in my "Daily Show" section.

     But first, the web page (ha-ha yes i DID get a peak!) is the greatest Jon Stewart site you have ever seen! Biased? Yes, but that didn't affect the amazement I felt when I saw it! Now, many of you members have sites, and most of them are fabulous, but the JSEB site is shared by ALL of us, because of your support. It will be up, soon.

     Join the countdown on the old JSEB page:

     Don't forget to recruit new members and spread the word about the JSEB as much as possible! We are already a thriving club, but we were thinking about asking to be .... well.... I can't let that secret go right now, but when the time comes, you'll be glad of your JSEB membership like never before!

     I hope that everyone who has started school is enjoying it - I am, even though I am not having as much time as I would like to to spend on the Newsletter, and my apologies to you on that! I WILL make it up to you - I promise!! I've tried to be a crusader at my new prep school, where unlike my old prep school, no one knows my devotion to the Daily Show and Jon. I tried to bring it up once, but they just didn't understand it, didn't know him, and hadn't ever heard of or cared about the Daily. Not that they said it like that, it's just that my friends (the like er totally the like WAY ditsy er like popular crowd hee-hee. Me: *sigh*) tried to think if they had ever heard of TDS/Jon, and I thought they might hurt themselves thinking too hard, you know. I urge you not to vandalize your books in the name of Jon .... though that is blatant hypocrisy because I already have graced my books with "TDS" and "Smapdi". Anyway, I would like to propose a new section to the newsletter for you the members to participate in. Details will be found below.

     Now get ready for the (come on, you see it coming!) greatest Jon devoted Newsletter on the Internet.....ever:



Dear Members,

Whoa, a lot going on this week! This coming Sunday, around 10 PM EST, the new JSEB web page will open. We're going to let you in on some of the highlights you'll find at the new page:

- Over one hundred original interviews, articles and transcripts.

- Detailed information and reviews into every movie Jon has been in, including fast-forward tips, so you can see only Jon.

- Extensive JSEB and Jon Stewart FAQ's from Smapdi to Jon's removal from the First Wives Club.

- A forum for your ideas, poems, drawings and opinions.

- Every article Jon has ever written, and more than what you'd want to know about "Naked Pictures of Famous People."- A complete list of Jon's television apperences, which will be updated regularly.

- The usual wacky antics and hilarity you've come to expect from your JSEB staff.

- The most up-to-date Jon news on the net.

Whew! Also, I have an announcement to make. The new site is not only awesome, it is also the ***Official Jon Stewart Web Page of the Millenium!*** Yep, you heard right. Find out more by visiting our splash page at:

One more thing. Our panel of judges has come to a conclusion, and the winner of the haiku contest has been announced. The award goes to, for her lovely haiku:

Dryly sarcastic,
Self-deprecating humor,
Who could ask for more?

Congratulations! We'll put the haiku up on the web page too, as soon as possible. Thanks to all who entered the contest, you all did a smashing job!

Stay Fabulous,

Miss Rebecca


(Appearances found courtesy of

Here they are, Jon's upcoming TV appearances!!

-- September 6, Monday, 7 p.m., 10 p.m.(all times central), HBO -- Larry Sanders Show, "Another List," also starring Winona Ryder and Smash Mouth.

-- September 7, Tuesday, 7 p.m.(central), Spin City, ABC -- "Wall Street." I didn't know Jon was on Spin City!!!

-- September 10, Friday, 7:30 p.m.(once again, central), Dennis Miller, HBO -- Bad habits & destructive tendencies.

-- September 13, Monday, 7 p.m., HBO -- Larry Sanders Show, "Adolf Handler," also starring Kristen Johnston and Jason Alexander.

All these updates were recieved from SSS: The Jon Stewart Supremacist Site. Thank you Annie, for making my job so much easier!

Also, dont forget on September 12th, set your vcr, don't miss it for the world...Jon will be presenting at the Emmys. The show is airing from 8-11(est) on Fox. Also, before I forget, I just have to say... Go rent Playing by Heart!!! If you haven't already seen it you are missing out and if you have, go rent it again!!! Its great! I guess I am done...for now. Thanks again to SSS for the updates, dont forget, TDS is still in reruns this week...grrr. But it will be back next week with all new shows!



from khager@s???:

*There's a picture of Jon in the new US magazine (it has thecast of Friends on the cover). It's towards the end. Very cute.* at Hollywood Video there's a catalogue of when movies are going to be availableto rent and it says that Big Daddy will be available on November 2. Of course, it's not definite until it actually comes out, but that's what it says. :)


*JSEB members unite!! (oh christ that sounded really dorky..)anyhoo, e- mail this site,, and ask them to add Jon to their celebrity TV schedule list.

(Allison says: Thank you to all of the members who sent in input - keep it coming!)


Sure, Jon appears places on TV, in movies, ect. But where do you see his influence, or the influence of the Daily Show in your everyday lives? Email me, if you have any "sightings" no matter how oddly symbolic or bizarre they may seem. This can also include what you have done to promote Jon or TDS - mostly offline, but if you emailed a thousand people you know, you could say that. Be honest, though, you good people you. I'll give my two to start off with:

*On the way to school last week, I was stuck behind one of those huge Titanic sized Suburbans.......which wasn't moving, and I couldn't get around them. So, I happened to glance at the license plate, which read "TDS". Now of course, TDS could have been initials, or anything, but I wondered about the person inside the car.....and ALMOST approached their window to inquire about it ... but didn't. Who knows? AND, they were going to my school, which made me wonder....* Also, 2 or 3 times a week, the whole upper school has to go to the auditorium during our break to hear a senior speech. Friday's senior speech was "Creationism vs. Evolution", and the second topic: "Why does Allison find this funny?" Of course, it wasn't as clear as Jon's version, an without the empahsis he put into it, which is what I was (of course) thinking of, but since the microphone was turned off, and the person could not speak very loudly, I reminisced of great Daily Shows gone by.

**The Daily Show:**

The Daily Show is having reruns for the next two weeks. Many people speculated that this could be the sign that Jon's female followers have been dreading - his marriage to Tracey (which, IMHO is never going to happen). Anyway, my own theory is that this is the first major break that Jon has had since he tooks over TDS, and I also hear about him working on a movie, so maybe he is filming; and also, this is just a vacation for the whole Daily Show crew. I personally thought the the "Daily Show Summer Spectacular" was the greatest Daily Show ...ever. Well, not THE greatest, but certainly one of! It was a classic, and despite what Jon says - he CAN act (if anyone continued watching through the credits). It was a tremendous episode. I was kind of hoping that they would show reruns from the very first two weeks that Jon was on TDS, instead of just the episodes from August. I personally didn't start watching Jon on TDS while I mourned the loss of Craig (who I couldn't care less about, now) until, seriously, May. I'm sure that all of us would like to see the old ones to see how much Jon (and his hair) have improved.Oh well - Keep watching the Daily - even though they ARE reruns - just MUTE it for the stale jokes you uhave heard 54 times, and just watch Jon - just the expressions will make you laugh.That's all for this week - Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! Talk to you all soon,


VP of the JSEB


Questions? Comments? Hear something about Jon and want to share it with the rest of the members? Never hesitate! Email me:


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