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Volume I - Issue 1 -  6/21/99






"ya done good"

We have members 38!

We are a thriving community......doesn't it make you feel "in tune" with your fellow JSEBers?

Or not . . .

Anyway, how do you like the nifty new graphic? That was the product of the creative genius of our President, Rebecca ( Unfortunately, my computer is acting up, and so the graphic may be seen very, very small. If this is the case, simply click on the graphic and ask to view it full size. You'll be glad you did. The new graphic for Internet Site of the Week is the beautiful work of fellow member Kimberly ( whose web page was presented as last week's best site. (Sorry to you who have AOL 3.0 or cannot view the graphics. Trust me, they are good)

Isn't it nice when people feel the need to "give back" to their fellow humans? Good show.

Here is the Jon Stewart News for this week:


Oh my my, where can I begin? I'm sorry you were gypped last week from your usual action packed Newsletter, but I was out of town. Shortly after sending the newsletter off, I stumbled across some Jon appearances.

Unfortunately.......too late for most of you to see. Here is a recap:

* On June 30th, Jon appeared on "The View". Just can't say enough about it. Jon discussed many issues from foul language to his fiancee Jon said that he doesn't like the girls that he gets involved with to be "dirty" persay...but he wants them to be real. The Real World, Jon's Apartment.

(I wish) Sorry, but Jon cracks so many jokes about the Real World, I just had to stick one in. If you don't get it.....don't feel bad....I can laugh alone......

* Jon appeared on the E! Behind the Scenes: Big Daddy. Oooops! I blinked! I think I missed his part! (It was very minuscule).

* Saturday night he appeared on the First Annual Comics Come Home. Some great material, and he was shown a few other times besides when he was actually doing his stand-up. But I've seen this show so many times, I cannot comment further.


And now ladies and (gentlemen?), I present to you my complete and utterly biased review of Big Daddy, Starring Adam Sandler, Cole and Dylan Spouse, Joey Lauren Adams, Leslie Mann, and some guy named Jon.......Stewart?

Have you seen Big Daddy?


I thought the movie was hilarious. Some do not share my opinion, but that is OK.

It's #1 in the box office, but if that doesn't impress you.....

Just go see it for Jon.

What really stood out about Jon's role as Kevin Gerrity was that the character was not always cracking jokes. Kevin was a very real, very normal person. Jon played the role very well.

Curse the writers of the movie for sending Kevin (Jon) off to China for 3/4 of the film. But the short time he was in it was WELL worth my time.

Throughout his time on screen, I laughed too loud, I shook, I nearly drooled, you know. But I didn't cry, BECAUSE there were no raunchy scenes between "Kevin" and his fiance, "Corrin" (played by Leslie Mann. I do not like her anyway).

Jon commands a lot of attention while on screen. His acting was flawless. You just had to love his character.

The movie itself was a great thing. But since this is the Jon Stewart devoted Newsletter, and not the "This Week in the Box Office" or the "Adam Sandler" devoted newsletter, I will save you from my complete review. But trust me, GO SEE THE MOVIE. You've already seen it? GO SEE IT AGAIN. (or not, whatever. You atleast know what I am talking about).

Download multimedia, pictures, and audio clips of Jon at the official site:

BIG DADDY in theatres June 25, 1999


Wow! So how do you like this graphic? May I reitterate, it was the effort of Kimberly ( one of our very own members who's web site won this position last week.

As I was surfing around the 10 Jon Stewart oriented web sites, I found one that stood out in my mind. It had a wonderful (and updated!) list of Jon's TV appearances. Also (whew, you HAVE to see this!) the picture page must have every Jon picture.....ever. (GREAT ones) So the winner of this week's Internet site of the week belongs to one of our very own members (and no, this is NOT a conspiracy. I chose this page before I even knew she was a member), Congratulations!





(I stole that graphic myself from the Daily Show web site. But it gives the Newsletter a still more professional air don't you think?)

The only things of interest from the Daily Show Newsletters this past week were probably these comments:

* Jon believes that his book, Naked Pictures of Famous People, will be in paperback sometime in September (he THINKS).

Now, I don't own this book....YET. But I have seen it, and read parts of it. It has rave reviews, and I plan to buy it ASAP. To find out more, you can visit:

*****Anyone who wants a sample chapter from the book (one I copied from someone's web page) can e-mail me at with the subject: "NPFP Chapter" (or something), and I'll get it to you right away.*****

* Everyone on the Daily Show Newsletter list pretty much all share the thought (however violently they thrust it in our faces) that Jon smoking is his own choice. A bad choice, but if he wants to do it, he's a big boy, and he can make his own decisions.

* As always, Jon simply being ON the Daily Show is a wonderful thing, and so I urge you to watch it if you don't already. It is my lifeline right now, however sad that may seem.....alas, it is true! Next week are reruns. Watch them, there are some great interviews.


*Jon appears on the newsstand in the June issue of DETAILS magazine.

Here is one of my favorite Jon interviews. This one is from E! Online:

E! Online - The Hot Spot - Q&A: Jon Stewart

and here is a Jon quickie quote:

"The goals for me have changed somewhat. There's a bit of seduction to

the idea of being on network, but it got to the point where that wasn't

important. What's important is doing something worthwhile. Which is why

I've always avoided being on a sitcom. Yeah, it's high-profile and it's

on a network, but you know what? You could be on Suddenly Stewart"


*While watching Jon's appearance on the View, he noted that he liked to do Cross Word Puzzles. Now you know a little more about him.

Here is some more info for those of you who know only little:

*Born Jonathan Stewart Leibowitz in Lawrence Township, NJ, right outside of Trenton, on November 28, 1962 (my birthday. the November 28 part, not 1962)

*Mother and Father divorced in (circa) 1972

* Jon has a brother, Larry Leibowitz, and a half brother from his father's second marriage.

*Graduated from the college of William and Mary in Virginia in 1984 with a BS in psychology

* Had his own talk show on MTV (the much loved Jon Stewart Show) which lasted for one year after Paramount put it in national syndication, then canceled it.

Paramount is evil.

*Jon sometimes sat in Tom Snyder's place on the Late Late Show.

* He took over the spot as anchor of the Comedy Central (much loved) Daily Show on January 19th, 1999. He took the spot from Craig Kilborn who moved to the Late Late Show....the spot that many thought that Jon would take over. Oh well.

*Jon now resides in New York City

OK, I hope some of you cared about that. It was a bonus (?) lol.

(A new page will be added to the JSEB homepage that will include Jon's complete biography. I'm working on it, so look for it by next week or so.)



It was brought to my attention by others, and also myself, that as all great newsletter have it.... We need it too.....

a commentaries section.

Send in you comments about the JSEB, about topics discussed, about your reviews on films or shows that Jon appeared on, ect.

Each week that list will be posted here.

But first we need someone to be in charge of collecting the commentaries and sending them to me weekly.

Anyone who would like to volunteer for this, please e-mail our Co-President Rebecca:

That's all for this week. Thank you for your support of Jon Stewart and of this newsletter.

Talk to you next Monday,


Vice President of the JSEB

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