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N E W S L E T T E R  --  8 / 2 8 / 9 9

The Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade Newsletter Update

Membership: 150

Volume 4, Issue 3



     Not having graphics kills me, but as of right now there is not much I can do about it. Like I told you last time, school has started back for me, and you would not believe how busy it has been! I am hoping that when it slows down I can start putting the Newsletter up on my web page and have it "glorified" again; but for now, we have to be satisfied with only E-mail format. Sorry. But we CAN be glad that our absolutely "tremendous" new web page will be unveiled soon.

     Also, the Newsletter is supposed to be in biweekly format ... but we can't just let Jon's appearances pass us by, can we? You have a right to know - that is why I will be sending out an Update in between the full Newsletter.

     Another point I would like to make is that a number of you have been E-mailing me with comments, or just to chat, and I have really enjoyed talking to all of the members - keep it coming!

     With school starting, I am only able to watch one (maybe) episode of the Daily. That really bothers me, because I personally feel like I need to see it at least twice. So I E-mailed Dave (from the TDSN, you know) emploring him to run all 4 back to back episodes of the Daily every Saturday like they used to, instead of just running two and then putting on SNL. If anyone cares to back me up and let him know that you feel the same way, please do! However, the Daily is on a two week break, so I would wait a little while before you send it. The past two weeks of the Daily have been some of the best episodes of all time, so I guess they think that they can now take off for a while. Female Jon lovers pray that it is not for a wedding if that thought hadn't crossed your mind.

     OK, enough rambling. I really needed to let everyone know about all of that stuff, though. I will spare you on a run down of last week's episodes since you will be seeing them over and over for the next ten days. Also, visit the homepage for the teaser to the NEW page! Here is your JSEB Update:



(Appearances courtesy of (Krissy))

-- August 26, Thursday, 10:30 p.m. and

-- August 27, Friday, 1:30 a.m. and

-- August 31, Tuesday 3:15 a.m., 6:15 a.m., HBO -- Young Comedians, also starring Richard Lewis (host), Jerry Stilson, Anthony Griffith, Warren Hutcherson, and Drew Carey.

-- September 2, Thursday, 7 p.m. & 10 p.m., HBO -- Larry Sanders Show, also starring Carrot Top, Dana Carvey, Bill Maher, and Carl Reiner.

-- FOX -- Emmy Awards, Jon will be presenting...although he should be hosting and winning as well...but, at least we get a little!



(Send all commentaries To:

From: (Rossanne Arii)

seems to me that most jon stewart fans are really funny. maybe it rubs off of jon??

(Allison says: I completely agree. One member and I toyed with the idea of a "Jon Stewart Leibowitz Mind" that everyone who is a fan of his has. Well, anyway, believe what you like, but seems oddly so true at times)


I just have to say Jon kicks ass in Playing by Heart. He is soo great, and the chemistry between Gillian and him as perfect. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I got it when it came out and I've watched it everyday since.

(Allison says: You heard her!! Go and see it)

*JSEB Internet Site of the Week:*

This week's winner goes to and her fantastic page Jon page which EVEN has a page on Smapdi! Go and check it out:



(from the AOL AP)

Saturday night at East Hampton the Clintons are hosts at the airport terminal to a buffet reception of the young Democrats' ``Saxophone Club.'' At $250 per person, some 800 people are expected to turn out for the Clintons and comedian Jon Stewart to net about $200,000 for the Democratic National Committee.

(That's why I am hoping the Daily is taking 2 weeks off...for Jon to have a nice long vacation.....I hope)


Here's a few of the highlights from the chat

~MomentOfZen and I (Quirkykris, aka Krissy, hostess extrordinare) contemplated titles for the Jon/Dwight sitcom...

~Everyone loved the Dwight interview

~Everyone (aka the lonesome 5) loves Newz for Kidz

~Newz4kidz and I loves Wishful Thinking

~MomentOfZen and I are going to dress up as a Martini glass and cigarette, respectively, and visit the NewzforKidz set, in hopes of being drunk/smoked.

Thank you for your support of Jon Stewart and of this Newsletter.

Talk to you all soon,


VP of the JSEB


Questions? Comments? Hear something interesting about Jon and want to share it with the rest of the members? E-mail me: with the subject "JSEB" so I don't accidentally delete your mail.


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