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We're fighting, apparently, with one of
Xena's web sites. It's a huge battle.

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N E W S L E T T E R  --  8 / 2 3 / 9 9

The Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade Newsletter

Membership: 144


JSEB Members,

     First off, I would just like to welcome our many new members. We are happy and honored to have you join us. Unfortunately, we cannot show off our beautiful newsletter to you at this point.

     Our JSEB homepage is going through some major renovations. When it is finished, we TRULY WILL have the biggest, best, most everything Jon site and Newsletter on the Internet...ever. I know that I keep saying it, but soon, we will be able to back it up completely. While these "renovations" are going on, we will be unable to produce the Newsletter in HTML format, and so that is why you have been receiving it as an e-mail through ONElist, which means that it cannot display graphics, links, or styled/colored text. Boring boring blah blah blah - but hopefully I will be able to set up the HTML version again as soon as possible.

     Also, as afore mentioned, the JSEB Newsletter will soon be converting into biweekly format do to school starting up. The Newsletter should still be coming out on Sunday/Monday, you know. I'll know more about this new format as it happens, and as always, will keep you updated.

     Thank you for your support - without your volunteering and your help, we could not have reached this level. Four months ago, we had less than 17 members. Now, we have over 140. Huzzah and Kudos to the members!



Dearest Members,

Nothing again from me this week... I'm busy remodeling the web page with Manda. All I can say is that it's professional looking, has the largest collection of many Jon things on the net, (None taken from other sites, mind you.) It just kicks ass in general. You'll get to see it in about three weeks, when it's finished. We might have a sample, tester page next week, so don't delete things!

Chat as usual... 8-11 EST in the chat room. Link will be on the web page.

Stay Fabulous,

Miss Rebecca



The Daily Show this past week was a classic week. The News for Kids had me convulsing with laughter. Extreme Christian Spidermunkies? I've seen those before. The return of the much loved Smapdi was a joyous occasion also. The general "Headlines", "Other News", and "This Just In", were rather the best in a while. The celebrity guests were also good .... minus French Stewart. He stuttered too much, and was not funny until the VERY END. Four minutes stretched way too long. Sarah Jessica Parker was a great guest, as was Carson Daly (I loved his boy band backlash. "Orlando: SHUT THAT TOWN DOWN!". I agree) Molly Ringwall was an OK guest, but it was Jon's interaction that made it worth not changing the channel. Mo, Stephen, Beth, and Vance did great jobs on their reports, no boring ones, though Beth's was recycled from Craig's days on the show, because I had seen that one before.

Here are some choicy bits form the TDSN:

* I hate Carson Daly

*I LOVE Carson! How could you say that?

* I hate Carson, too

* You bastards! How can you say that about Carson!?!

* What kind of Jew is Jon?

* Creationism vs. Evolutionism was really cool!!! Even though I'm saying this a long time too late......

* Carson Daly should be SHUT DOWN!

* I think that the righteous religious organizations ... blah blah blah

* I'm 12 & Carson b hot


* like t 4 b a I like newz 4 kidz like yeah kool b me I am 12 -- Jon is hot, yo!

(note: I'm not slamming 12 year olds or anything, people. I'm just repeating the highlights of the TDSN!)

Again, I apologize for this sorry, sorry, format. Your true, glorified, and beautifully unique newsletter will be back soon, and so will a web page to match.



I'd just like to say that Jon is the sexiest man alive, i don't know why most of his admires such as myself are all high school girls, but who gives a crap, the man is a babe, i laugh my ass off everytime i see the ladies, skit, where he says, " did i mention that my parents were divorced, did he!!!!!" i go jump off a cliff!!!!! ok that's all i have to say!

(many of us feel the same way)



Not really quotes...but Jon's name being a positive manner regarding his acting.


For a two line long mention of Jon .... but a true one!

Also, movie reviewer Mr. Cranky ( didn't say anything about Jon at all. Which, for Mr. Cranky, is positive.

Also, remember Playing By Heart on video now. Jon (as Trent the architect) plays opposite Gillian Anderson in this romantic drama.

Comments always welcome.

Talk to you all soon,


VP of the JSEB

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