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N E W S L E T T E R  --  8 / 2 0 / 9 9

Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade Newsletter

Memebership: 138

Sorry, this is the Newsletter for 8/16/99


     Greetings JSEB members.....Yes...that's right....try to contain yourself.....your long awaited Newsletter (from last week - sorry, web page was under construction, and this couldn't get posted). Apologies for the old old news.

     Many of you were disturbed by the slip up that Jon made on the Daily Show during the interview with Pierce Brosnen; Jon commented that "his wife would leave him" for Pierce. Jon though, was indeed speaking figuratively, and that point was reassured by TDS Newsletterist David Blog, who assured the Jon-loving female demographic that Jon is indeed, only engaged (only! Ha). So you can rest your mind and stop your sleepless nights, now.

     Also, remember to recruit new members. The JSEB likes to grow, and even though we are indeed very large in number, we still have that goal to become to biggest and best Jon Stewart club and Newsletter on the Internet.....ever.

And also, this is LAST WEEK'S Newsletter - sorry everything is old. I am frantically getting a new one for this coming week, but Rebecca's message will explain the delay.

     Without further ado, here is your weekly dose of JSEB Newsletter for the soul:

A Quick Word From our President:

Dearest Members,

I've been busy this week, and I don't have time to set up the usual web page format of the newsletter, sorry!

The JSEB web page is going through a complete reconstruction in the next month or so, thanks to a new member of our delightfully talented JSEB staff, Manda. Manda is joining me as co-manager of the web site. When it is finished, I promise you it will be the biggest, best, most complete Jon Stewart web page on the net. I can't give away anything that we're adding, you'll have to wait. (It'll be worth it.)

Chat seems to be a big success this week! You can stop by the chat room anytime to talk, you don't have to wait for the scheduled chat time! (Just a note: Stop by after the Daily Show at 7 and 11, to discuss the latest episode.) Next week's chat will only be an hour long, 9-10 EST on Thursday, August 26th. Come and talk about Jon!

One of our members has added us to a kind of celebrity poll. Vote for the JSEB and keep us at number one here:

Because really, NSYNC over Jon? That would be so very sad... No offense to NSYNC fans, I just despise what they call music. ;o)

Just a quick question: Would you rather keep the chat in the HTML room, or have anyone who wants to participate download the newest version of AIM? Discuss, and send thought to me at

One more thing... Will some of you please stop over and chat on Jon's newsgroup? If you don't know how to work your newsgroups, e-mail me and I'll give you a hand.


Stay Fabulous,

Miss Rebecca

President of the JSEB

Killer of Yoda





(some new some old):

TV and Movie Updates are brought to you by All except for the *oops* that is, and that was my fault.

*Jon will present at the 1999 Emmy awards. Yes, yes, I KNOW that HE should get an Emmy, that the Daily Show deserves an Emmy, but at least he is presenting.

* I personally (as well as others I have talked to) am bursting to see "Unleavened" again. If you write into the TDSN, please add as PS pleading for "Unleavened" to be aired

*Wednesday, Aug. 18, 7 p.m. & 10 p.m.(central), Larry Sanders Show.

(David Duchovny and Elvis Costello also star)

* oops *

We here at the JSEBN always try to keep you up to date on Jon's appearances, and here is one we missed. I received quite a few reminders from you members about it. Here is what one had to say:

I was watching Comedy Central the other night, waiting for the Daily Show to go on, when Pulp Comics with Dave Attel came on. You might remember Dave Attel aka Ugly American form TDS. Well, if you've ever watched Pulp Comics before, you know that they take their jokes and make them into little skits. Well, Dave starts telling a campfire story about the Soup Du Jour Killer, and they go into a skit. A murder takes place and Dave goes back in the kitchen to find out who the killer is, and who do ya think it is? Jon Stewart Himself. I immediately start paying more attention as Jon tells Dave how he use to be some sort of African American Princess that got severely burned in a soup incident and now kills soup waiters. He also has a ladle for a hand. Well, then he gets electrocuted, but I didn't want anyone to miss Jon's cameo since it was so grand. So, you can add that to you're "appearances" incase you missed it.

Ta Ta,




*Playing By Heart on video- 08/17/1999

*For a complete list of what movies Jon has been in, and what movies he will be appearing in the future, visit out homepage and click the link "Biography".



Congrats to for this week's featured column.

I think that I am going to stop calling it a featured column, and instead, call it a featured things instead since we get a viva variety of things.


I'll keep this short, sweet, and to the point. There are a number of teens in the JSEB. Why you ask? I will give you ten very good reasons why. (Just call me Letterman)

10. We're attracted to "mature" men

9. We don't care that he's the same age as our mom...he's sexy dammit!

8. If you turn sideways and look at him...nevermind :)

7. Craig Kilborne was an ass

6. The Faculty sucked without him

5. We liked the grunge look better (his MTV show)

4. Daily show tickets are free

3. TDS re-runs from the night before are on at 7:00...a big help on school nights

2. Letterman or Leno?....neither...Stewart

And the number one reason why Teens love Jon Stewart is....his tight ass. Thank you very much and goodnight.




Dear goodness! A real, live, commentary! Keep them coming all of you! If you send it to the TDSN, we're good enough for it, too.

Send all commentaries to

It seems like I've been writing a shitload of stuff to your site, but f**ck it, that's what members are for right? There is a spider sitting right beside me and, as I'm scared to absolute death of spiders, I guess I'm showing my devotion to Jon and your website. I just wanted to say how glad I am about the 101 and growing members of the JSEB. I'm as excited as a schoolgirl (wait, I am a schoolgirl...) that I can be part of it. Also, Jon shouldn't ask where all these followers were when he was in high school, we're asking where the hell is Jon now that we're in high school! Does that make any sense? God, that spider's staring at me...

Love, Laura



All right, here is my commentary on last week's Daily Show

The continuation of the Mike Russ interview, I thought, was hilarious. Mike Russ is a bit off to say the least; and Steve Correll did a great job with that piece, especially when he held up the laser to Jon to see if he were an alien. I exploded with laughter when he said, "No, no, thank YOU Jon ..... Or should I say ... trawets noj ...?"

The Dom Irrera interview was not that impressive - his jokes seemed forced. The Pierce Brosnan interview was quite charming, and the Dave Foley interview was absolutely hilarious. Also, the "resigning" theme of Monday's show was classic with Jon's "reminisces" and the segment on Boris Yeltsin "Absolute Unfit" was good enough to repeat. Speaking of segments, the Creation vs. Evolution was incredibly funny, but wouldn't have been so without Jon's emphasis on the phrases. Of course, Stephen Colbert's report on the deer was the funniest this week. The jokes about the "stupid truck", the jellybean confusion, and the pun on "Gaye" was priceless. Frank DiCaro was just plain dirty as usual, but amusing as well. And to top it all off, we got to see the creators and directors of the Blair Witch Project, who seemed very down to earth despite the horrific cinematic thriller they created!

Keep watching the Daily.

There is a Daily Show screensaver is here!! for Windows! More of my ranting on that for a later newsletter that will hoefully be reaching your virtual doorstep soon.

That's all for now.

Your comments are always welcome,


VP of the Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade


Questions? Comments? Hear something interesting about Jon Stewart and want to share it with the rest of the members? E-mail me:


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