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"Jon Stewart Comedy Central live chat"
Comedy Central
July 21, 1999


Jon Stewart is best known for his cutting edge journalism on "The Daily Show". Jon has also appeared recently in "Big Daddy" with Adam Sandler. The DAILY SHOW can be seen every night at 11:00 on COMEDY CENTRAL.

comedy_host -- Welcome to our live chat with Jon Stewart from the "DAILY SHOW".

comedy_host -- Jon is in the house and ready to take your questions....

Spiffy415 -- What's your favorite thing about hosting The Daily Show?

Jon Stewart -- The ten percent off at red affords me all kinds of gratuities

GreenTea -- Jon, what was it like to interview Miss Piggy?

Jon Stewart -- Besides being oddly erotic, you can't help but leave the interview hungry and I was always fighting not to mention pork products

Floreusx -- What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Jon Stewart -- I think I wanted to be... Walt Frazier the b-ball player, or one of the banana splits

Paige -- Jon, would you do another tv show if you were asked?

Jon Stewart -- No, I have a job to attend to at this point, at they know something I don't? Will I still have a job soon?

Starbuck1 -- Do you sometimes wish you were more famous then you are?

Jon Stewart -- I sometimes wish I was smarter or funnier...ha but as long as the people in my family know me, I get to go to all the good picnics

Spiffy415 -- Who's your favorite Daily Show correspondent?

Jon Stewart -- They are an incredibly talented bunch, and to pick one would only leave me open to ridicule and numerous office beatings

Dana-A -- What is your bride-to-be like and why don't you ever bring her on the show?

Jon Stewart -- She has been on, it's actually a they - its the girls of VIP

JSEBPresident -- Have you heard of the Jon Stewart Estrogen Brigade, and what do you think of it?

Jon Stewart -- I have not, but now I know why I have soft, pouty, full breasts

Floreus -- What position did you play in soccer?

Jon Stewart -- I was known as the little guy by the sideline, otherwise known as wing

jonstewart -- Will you EVER host Saturday Night Live???

Jon Stewart -- I am gonna give that show another 20-25 years, I wanna see how it does, whether or not it "sticks"

Floreus -- What has been your favorite film role?

Jon Stewart -- The Faculty, because I got to have a pen jammed into my eye....for three days straight, with an acidic fluid flowing through it while they explained that it would all be "allright"....

Lori -- When you were in the movie, Mixed Nuts, did you do your own rollerblading stunt work?

Jon Stewart -- I did. Otherwise, there would have been no reason for me to be there my only line was ... "look out"... but I still have the spandex

Lori -- When the Daily Show Crew did the piece on owning Mars, were you tempted to sign up? :)

Jon Stewart -- I am so tempted to say, I already have a piece of your fact...... I will

DailyShowFanAli -- If you could tell the people who cancelled your old show any one thing, now that you've hit it big with Daily Show, what would it be?

Jon Stewart -- Have fun producing sister, sister on the UPN

taranicole -- How much do u enjoy hosting TDS? how long is your contract (if u have 1) 4 & will u renew or stay host? i hope so! u r so funny!!!!

Jon Stewart -- I LOVE IT - whoa, .....the contract goes until they tell you to leave... hopefully they'll be patient

Bigguylj -- Why'd you change your hairstyle? It was cool a couple of years it's so... official

Jon Stewart -- They wanted me to look more cleaned up....but on weekends, I pretend it's longer, plus with all the clippings I'm making a hair monkey

Xty -- If you weren't in the business, would you be waiting tables, bartending, or lounge singing?

Jon Stewart -- I would be exotic dancing, but just to put my kid through school

Floreus -- Do you spend much time online?

Jon Stewart -- Not really, I'm of the generation that slightly missed that whole thing. My dad brought home a calculator the size of my desk, and I used to play with that

Sarah1982 -- How do you handle all the fame? (interviews, webpages,crazy fans etc) Is it easy or hard?

Jon Stewart -- You don't see it much, it just feels good to be at work every day....there's no paparazzi trying to take pictures of my naked ass or nothing

Moicha Pink -- Can you please prance or skip to your seat when you enter the stage when the show starts?

Jon Stewart -- That's what I do in rehearsal, when I got the sugar running through me

Kate -- Are you aware of all the web sites dedicated to you? if so, do view them regularly?

Jon Stewart -- It's hard with my direct cindy margolis link it's hard to deviate, but I'm gonna try - it's actually hardwired right into her

stellar -- Who has been the most embarrassing interview you've done?

Jon Stewart -- Sometimes I am slightly unprepared, and I'll mention....a show they might not be on etc, and then I feel embarrassed

Floreus -- "Naked Pictures" is one of the funniest books I have ever read. Any plans to write another book?

Jon Stewart -- Probably, because there's nothing more pleasurable then staying up forty hours straight and trying to be 4 in the morning in a room all

alone with a computer and a pack of cigarettes

baked bean -- Whats the strangest job you have ever had?

Jon Stewart -- Worked for a lab, where I had to catch mosquitos and sort them. I call it, My summer brush with malaria

homersgrrl -- What would you be doing if you weren't on TV?

Jon Stewart -- I'd be the guy who could do somethin other then catch mosquitos for minimum wage

Bigguylj -- What is your favorite ice cream?

Jon Stewart -- Mint Choc. Chip but the good time with the nice big chunks of old school chocolate, the good kind

alegraskye -- Jon, I've never seen you wear an outfit twice on the show...does your wardrobe closet have it's own zipcode?!?

Jon Stewart -- There are only 4 suits, you ought to watch the show two days in a row. I must throw you by accessorizing.

LauraNJ1 -- Who makes you laugh?

Jon Stewart -- Norm McDonald, Gary Shandling, Sandler, Colin Quinn ....Barry Manilow.

Maria_H_S_2000 -- What pets do you have Jon?

Jon Stewart -- A dog - and a cat - the fish recently passed away...I think it was a car accident.

Anni -- If ever the daily show was cancled for some odd reson (G-d forbid) what would you do after that?

Jon Stewart -- Crawl into a bottle of absolut with a tom waits tape.

koala -- How would you describe yourself as a child?

Jon Stewart -- A man of fine potential and hopefully improving skin.

Spiffy415 -- Has Mike Myers called you yet?

Jon Stewart -- Alot of hang ups, but I recognize the Canadian heavy breathing.

Strange_Denial -- Jon is it true you have a 3rd nipple?

Jon Stewart -- And a 4th, 5th and 6th , but when you have puppies, these are the things you deal with. just part of the job.

Lori -- How much longer will the writers force you to take part in, "T-Hers-day"?

Jon Stewart -- As long as there are dudes willing to come on the show in speedos.

Amy -- I loved you in Big Daddy, I saw it twice, did you have fun shooting that movie?

Jon Stewart -- Yeah, until they sent my character to CHINA.... I thought they liked me.

AprilB -- Any plans to be on Dawson's Creek? lol

Jon Stewart -- As the creepy older guy by the park.....probably not.

mnh16 -- Jon, if you could be any fruit what would you be and why?

Jon Stewart -- The kind that's not eaten because well.......that would suck.

alegraskye -- You were awesome in Wishful Thinking....can we expect to see you in anything soon?

Jon Stewart -- Yes - drag it out of me....I was in it, I was in it.

comedy_host --Tell us about the Anniversary Show

Jon Stewart -- It's 3rd anniversary, so some of our finest moments from the past 6 months, because as you all know, we have one of these every couple of months for fun.

Lori --What do you like doing more, TV, or movies?

Jon Stewart -- Both are fun, because you get to wear makeup, but TV gives you the fun of the live audience.

JSEBmember --What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Jon Stewart -- I just have all the boxes, I've never actually eaten one. I just can't say no to a girl in uniform.

Corie --When will you be in LA again?

Jon Stewart -- At some point, unless I'm asked to leave the business, which could happen.

JJHilary --Jon, did you take voice lessons in preparation for that star turn in Elmopalooza? hee hee

Jon Stewart -- If you watched the show, clearly you can tell I didn't……unless they were from Peter Brady...

jillian --Hey Jon, any chance that The Bird Man of Las Vegas will come on the Daily Show with his condors to attack the audience... that was classic!

Jon Stewart -- No, We value our audiences eye sockets.

yogermeister --Can I get an interview on your show since I'm not famous?

Jon Stewart -- I doubt it. Maybe somethin will open up in August, haha.

Brownie --If i want to host a show like the daily show what should i major in when i go to college?

Jon Stewart -- I don't think college is really any preparation at all , but if....they have a news satire major, I'd jump all over it.

stubthumb --What was it like watching yourself on Dr. Katz knowing someone was at home laughing at u for worrying about what your cat thought?

Jon Stewart -- It was more like worrying about what I might look like know, would my ass look big in squiggle vision.

alegraskye --What compelled you to want to host The Daily Show after Kilborn?

Jon Stewart --My enormous respect for the show, my incredible amount of free time, and the need for food money.

Markherman1987 --How does it feel to host the most important television show...ever?

Jon Stewart -- I imagine it's slightly warmer and fuzzier then the people over at Sunrise Semester.

Maria_H_S_2000 --Jon On your first daily show appearance were you nervous?

Jon Stewart -- Yeah, you never wanna be the thing to ruin a good show you just hope you fit in and your abilities fit in with the show.

Bubbles --What can we expect from the third anniversary special tonight?

Jon Stewart -- Thrills, laffs, a few tears and as always...........a startling cliff hanger.

comedy_host -- Jon, it's been a pleasure ... thanks for joining us ...

Jon Stewart -- Bye everybody, can I put my pants on now ????


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