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We're fighting, apparently, with one of
Xena's web sites. It's a huge battle.

— Jon Stewart on the JSEB




The Fan Files
 Regular poems


These are in reverse order of publication.

"A Moment In the Life of a Jon Stewart Fan"
May 26, 2002

Searching, searching, searching
Every website, reading every article,
Saving every picture.
Watching Big Daddy, only bothering
To look up when Jon is on screen.
Stopping everything at 11:00 pm
Eyes focused on the TV
This half an hour is finally here.
The soulful eyes, gleaming mischievously,
The looks, the faces he makes,
You know the ones,
Before I know it, it's over
But the promise of tomorrow
And more Jon Stewart
Puts a smile on my face.


May 26, 2002
Contributed by Sara B.

There once was a Stewart named Jon,
Whose fan base was particularly strong,
But though he might flirt,
with all things in a skirt,
He never cheat, cause tha'd be wrong!


"Weren't Those One and a Half Hours Fun?"
March 17, 2002

We had to wait for more then a month.
It was in the back of our minds every day.
Then the day came, March 9, oh my!
Here he is, the host, come what may!

I shook, excited, while I anticipated
what jon would bring to me live.
His monologue was lengthy (I'm not complaining!)
and every skit had me rolling -- all five.

Okay, there were more than just five skits,
but that's the only word that would rhyme.
Basically, Jon Stewart ROCKED on SNL.
He deserved a THOUSAND hours of time.

Anna, Senator of Jon's Head


December 1999

The Daily Show,
I must confess,
is the bestest of the best.
With Vance, Mo, and Beth,
The Steph(v)ens and Jon,
and all the rest,
carrying on.

Without the show,
I surely will,
throw my tele,
off a hill.

Last updated September 2, 2002.

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