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Happy Anniversary to TDS
by Annie-Wan

January 10, 2001

Tomorrow will be Jon's second anniversary as host of The Daily Show. If you were lucky enough to have loved Jon back when he premiered as the show's anchor, you remember that day well. Like most Jon fans, I thought Jon was so talented that he deserved to be on television 24 hours a day (like Regis). I hunted down everything he had ever done and tuned in for every interview. Then, one day, rumors started to surface that Jon would take over The Daily Show . . . and we would get to see him FOUR TIMES A WEEK EVERY SINGLE WEEK! And when it happened -- when it became official -- I jumped with joy, kicked my heels, whipped my fist through the air, then spent three weeks recuperating in the hospital with cracked heel bones and a torn rotator cuff. It was worth it.

I watched that first show, and almost every one since. Does anyone remember their favorite moments on the old show? Remember the first time Jon collapsed his chair so that he looked four feet tall? Wasn't it hilarious how much Jesus resembled Kevin Costner? Remember when Jon analyzed how much anti-Semitism existed in the Arab nations by testing them on the Jewometer?

The Daily Show audience has increased 400% since Jon took over (source: Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Pop-Up Video version). Many pundits (many, despite Jon's dire warnings that there may be a severe pundit shortage in the near future) claim that the SNL presidential debate parody was the most politically influential bit of pop culture last year. I disagree. I believe that prize goes to The Daily Show. It took an election for people to really sit up and pay attention, but look at what has happened. Jon is suddenly in demand on panels and in political discussions. It has gotten to the point where Jon is almost a pundit himself, but unlike the other pundits, you want him to stick around after the controversy is over.

I'll end with one of my favorite quotes, taken from an ad for TDS in 1999:

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Because sometimes ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, CNN, HEADLINE NEWS, CSPAN, and CSPAN 2 just aren't enough."

Last updated September 2, 2002.

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