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We're still working on this, so you can send corrections, but don't send dates yet. A confirmed event is one that was either covered by the media, verified by another reliable source (such as TV Guide or another well-run fan page), or witnessed by a reliable (i.e., no signs of looniness) JSIA member or visitor. Some dates may be one day off depending on what time zone you are in. For instance, a show like Nightline that airs at 11:35 pm in the Central time zone would technically air at 12:35 am the next day in the Eastern time zone. This is not consistent from listing to listing because, frankly, that's too much work. See the old TVography (not updated yet) for a general list of older Jon appearances.

u/c - uncomfirmed, ? - exact date unknown


December 14, 2002. Jon performs at the Orpheum Theatre. Boston.

December 13, 2002. Jon speaks at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government at the ARCO Forum. Boston.

November 28, 2002. Jon turns 40.

November 13, 2002. Jon appears on Up Close with Ted Koppel for the full half-hour show. ABC.

November 9, 2002. Jon performs at Foxwoods Resort. Mashantucket, Connecticut.

November 7, 2002. Jon appears for a short interview on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. FOXNews.

November 3, 2002. Jon appears as Comedy's Cable Critic on Reliable Sources. CNN.

October 27, 2002. Jon does a Q&A at his alma mater William & Mary. Williamsburg, Virginia.

October 19, 2002. Jon headlines at the Beacon Theater in for the Improv 40th Anniversary finale concert. New York City.

October 18, 2002. Jon performs at the Taft Theatre for the Improv 40th Anniversary concert. Cincinnati, Ohio.

October 11, 2002. Jon performs at Meliora Weekend, the University of Rochester alumni and reunion event. He performs twice to packed audiences due to popular demand. Rochester, New York.

October 5, 2002. Jon performs at Roy Thompson Hall headlining the 5th Anniversary of the Comedy Network (Canada's comedy channel). Toronto, Canada.

September 22, 2002. Jon presents the Emmy for Best Director of a Comedy Series at the 54th Annual Emmy Awards. TDS, however, loses all three nominations. (To Letterman, SNL, and Sting. Yes, Sting.)

September 21, 2002. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Global Edition debuts worldwide. CNNi (CNN International).

September. Jon appears on Between the Lions. Episodes are "Too Cool" and "Pigs Aplenty." PBS.

August 26, 2002. Jon Stewart appears on SportsCenter 25K and recounts the 1996 Mets Buckner game as his favorite sports moment. Jon, apparently, was a waiter with a red bow tie at the time. ESPN.

August 19, 2002. Denis Leary appears on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Tells Jon he's a better man than to hate Jon just because Jon screwed him. Jon giggles throughout. Both comment that without alcohol, their relationship is weak. Comedy Central.

August 15, 2002. Leary appears on Access Hollywood and criticizes Jon. Calls Jon his ex-good friend.

August 14, 2002. Jon makes a brief voice cameo via telephone on Denis Leary's Contest Searchlight promising to help produce Leary's show. Then cancels. Comedy Central.

August 9, 2002. Jon appears on Charlie Rose and discusses the recent financial scandals and doing TDS. PBS.

August 6, 2002. Tom Thumb and Thumbelina is finally released on video.

July 18, 2002. Jon appears on The Best Damn Sports Show, Period on FoxSports.

July 18, 2002. TDS is nominated for two Emmys and Jon himself is nominated for one:
- Variety, Music or Comedy Series:
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Comedy Central; Late Show With David Letterman, CBS; Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher, ABC; Saturday Night Live, NBC; The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, NBC.
- Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program:
Wayne Brady, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" (ABC); Billy Joel, "Billy Joel in His Own Words" (A&E); Jon Stewart, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"; Ryan Stiles, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"; Sting, "A&E in Concert: Sting in Tuscany ... All This Time"
- Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program:
"America: A Tribute to Heroes"; "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"; "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (NBC); "Late Show with David Letterman"; "Saturday Night Live"

June 24, 2002. Jon appears on the Connie Chung Tonight premiere. The show spells his name as "John." CNN.

June 21, 2002. Standup show at the Aladdin Resort and Casino with John Pinette. Las Vegas.

June 11, 2002. Standup show at The Town Hall for the 10th Annual Toyota Comedy Festival -- The 4th annual Gerry Red Wilson Foundation Comedy Benefit Show for Spinal Meningitis. New York City.

June 7, 2002. O'Reilly Factor Hollywood special. Jon appears as one of several entertainers commenting on Hollywood and charities, especially 9/11 fundraising. FOX (not FOXNews).

June, 2002. Jon is mentioned in a new book called The Bitter End: Hanging Out at America's Nightclub, by Paul Colby and Martin Fitzpatrick. Cooper Square Press, SBN: 0815412061. (Jon's first stand up gig was at The Bitter End.)

May 10, 2002. Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts, Pace University -- Jon moderates a panel called "September 11th: How it Changed Us" which is part of the First Annual Tribeca Film Festival. The panel includes filmmakers, photographers, writers, and musicians discussing the attack and aftermath of September 11th. New York City.

May 4, 2002. Standup show at the Tower Theatre. Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

May 3, 2002. Appears on Inside Politics with hosted by Judy Woodruff. Appearance lasts less than 10 minutes. Surprise appearance by Wolf Blitzer. CNN.

May 3, 2002. Standup show at the Warner Theatre. Washington, D.C.

?. Best of the Red Carpet 2002, MTV. Jon appears in several older clips (no new material).

March 22, 2002. Larry King Live. Discuss Jon taking over Letterman's spot, etc. CNN.

March 19, 2002. Late Show with David Letterman. Smoochy promotion. CBS.

March 9, 2002. Jon hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time. NBC.

March 1, 2002. Jon appears on Dennis Miller Live and discusses religion. HBO.

March 1, 2002. Jon speaks with a TDS panel at the William S. Paley Television Festival, sponsored by the Museum of Television and Radio. New York City.

February 27, 2002. Jon hosts the Grammy Awards for the second time. Gets nekked. CBS.

February 26, 2002. Jon appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. NBC.

February 21, 2002. Jon appears on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Syndicated.

February 1, 2002. Jon appears on Live With Regis and Kelly.

February, 2002. Jon is profiled in the February 11, 2002 issue of The New Yorker.

January 15, 2002. Interviewed on Last Call with Carson Daly. Appearance was about half the show, fifteen minues or so. NBC.


u/c November 30, 2001. Jon performs at Foxwoods Resort. Mashantucket, Connecticut.

November 4, 2001. TDS wins Emmy award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program.

September 20, 2001. Jon opens TDS with famous post-9/11 return speech. Cries, makes us cry. Comedy Central.

August 15, 2001. Jon appears on The Charlie Rose Show. PBS.

July 10, 2001. Jon co-hosts Regis Live. Syndicated.

July 9, 2001. Time Magazine selects Jon as the best talk show host in their special "America's Best" issue.

February 17, 2001. Jon performs at Northwestern University. Brought to you by the good folks at Hillel. Evanston, Illinois.

January 11, 1999. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart premieres. Jon replaces outoing anchor, Craig Kilborn. Comedy Central.

December 31, 1996. First Annual Comics Come Home airs on television. Actual live event date unknown.


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